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Modeling and Verification of Fiat-Shamir Zero Knowledge Authentication Protocol

Prof. Murari Singh Choudhary
(Department of Computer Science & Engg. GGSESTC)

Book Title: Advances in Computer Science and Information Technology. Computer Science and Engineering

Finite-Shamir is one of the many zero-knowledge authentication protocol which is used for security autonation purpose. In this paper, we have proposed a formal model of Fiat-Shamir authentication protocol using Finite State klachine (FSM). Security requirements are represented using Computation Tree Logic (CTL). Read more...

Developing Jharkhand through the implementation of government poilicies & people's participation

Prof. Kunal Vikram
(Department of MBA)

Book Title: Micro Planning in Jharkhand
Publication: Ayushman Publication House, New Delhi
ISBN: 978-93-5234-025-5

While planning is the use of collective intelligence and foresight to chart direction, order, harmony, and progress in public activity relating to the human environment and general welfare, at the same time, development planning aims at breaking the barriers to economic and social change. Read more...