Electrical and Electronics Engineering

" To create professional electrical and electronic engineer, who can serve in the fields of core electrical engineering, information and communication systems and other related fields."

The field of electrical and electronics Engineering (EEE) is the place to be in for those who love electrical systems-ranging from heavy power generation to the smallest of micro-chips. This department infuses the design, manufacture, installation, operation and management of electrical systems that strengthen modern economies and contribute to improving the quality of life. The EEE department at GGSESTC prepares students in this field using modern technologies.

The B.Tech (E.E.E.) degree program is designed to achieve a balance between in depth of knowledge acquired through specialization and breadth of knowledge gained through exploration.

Career Prospects

Studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering will lead to potential careers in the power industry, Robotics, Process industry and Bio-engineering. Career opportunities are also found in the Telecommunication industry, Mining and Transport sector, Computer industry transmission industries and small innovative private specialists.