Clubs & Committee

“We have lots of club ranging from technical to arts, culture etc. Each of these clubs organize club activities on activity day which is coordinated by students itself under the guidance of club representatives. ”

Literary Club:

Our main objective is to provide a platform to promote creativity. The Literary Club provides students a platform to be confident in English speaking, reading & writing. It creates opportunities to enhance their taste in reading, their sense of appreciation of literary expressions like..

  • o Debate
  • o Essay
  • o Extempore

Robotics Club:

Have you ever envisioned building your own robot; the Robotics Club is the place for you! We have proper one on one guidance, workshops and tutorials along with advanced tools, equipment, components and workspaces!

Music Club:

This club helps in bringing out talent of our students in the field of music. This is a bonding passage for our students to bond over music performing, collaborating, learning, sharing, exploring and creating. It is a place where students can express themselves uninhibitedly, relieve stress and build long-lasting memories to cherish forever.

Health & Fitness Club:

This club focuses on fitness and healthy well-being of our students by engaging them in physical activities. Thus we have highly sophisticated Gym with the recent & advanced equipments available 24*7.

Sports Club:

Great place to grow your sporting talent or to learn new skills. We believe sports are must to keep our student’s mind healthy and active.

  • Indoor: Table Tennis, Chess & Carom.
  • Outdoor: Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Badminton & Cricket