Department of Basic Science & Humanity

To establish a center of excellence in Basic Sciences & Humanities such as Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Chemistry that provides foundation for engineering & management studies. It also helps in Communication Skills for students to express themselves effectively and to nurture professionals who can be globally challenged in engineering & management fundamentals- experimental, analytical, interpersonal, communication, computational abilities and many more.

To influence our students to pursue intellectual growth and professional development, balance between learning experiences, practice of thoughtful reflection and active application is necessary. This department is committed to mould the student into responsible individuals, with in-depth knowledge of subjects, discipline and human values, thereby contributing to the overall growth of the country.

Our vision is to offer the best for the society by imparting high quality education to stimulate in the students a spirit of inquiry and desire to gain knowledge and skills that can enrich their lives in future. Here we are committed to teach our students to question critically, think logically, communicate clearly and live ethically. These skills serves as the foundation for living the examined life and succeeding in an increasingly global ever changing workplace and to strive hard to overcome the hindering forces in the minds of young technocrats and to catalyse technical activity, thereby directing a light beam for brighter country. To provide value based education and mould the character of younger generation through Science to include discipline and perseverance in students through methodological teaching with the aim of making best professionals with moral values. Keeping the core objectives to create academic excellence in fundamental Science, the department of Science and Humanities aims to encourage advanced teaching learning process and quality research at individual department at institutional level. It also endeavours to build quality based knowledge and human resource capacity.