Governing Body

“Complex modern problems regarding Education System require not just leadership, but the ability to collaborate and navigate through multiple interests and viewpoints,” Our students and their parents say. “There is no better foundation than a Guru Gobind Singh Educational Society for integrating knowledge across disciplines without losing sight of the human dimension.”

Governance & Organization

Guru Gobind Singh Educational Society was established in 1979 in the name of great Guru Gobind Singh, This society is registered under society registration act and is a charitable organization. This society was started out of donation of receiving from Sikh sangat of Chas (Bokaro), Ranchi, Dhanbad, Rourkela etc. Sikh officers of BSL and some individuals worked hard with dedication and managed to do entre spade work.
Over the years the society has set-up four CBSE (10+2) recognized schools at Bokaro, Dhanbad, Chas, Daltonganj, three primary schools and one Technical Campus to impart quality education in the field to Technology and management.
This society as formed to educate the student of Jharkhand that if they get good education here, they need not move to other parts of India, It also curtails the out flow of money from Jharkhand to some extent.
Guru Gobind Singh Educational Society continues to do good works as team for rendering services for that society.

Guru Gobind Singh Educational Society's Technical Campus was established to provide professional education for the student of Jharkhand. On behalf of GGSES Technical Campus family, it is my pleasure to introduce GGSESTC to offer my vision for 21st Century.
This college was established to fulfil society's needs. GGSESTC is situated in Bokaro, part of Jharkhand state and known for steel production. Students of Bokaro used to go outside as there was no any college here to provide technical and management education. Our society thought about that and established this college to educate new generation.
Today's world has developed new technologies that link countries, but many human beings are deprived of this facilities especially the local residents of Bokaro and nearby areas. GGSESTC is answerable to calls of speaking to world.
I invite you to join us as student, guardian and stake holders.

Shri Tarsem Singh
(President, GGSES)

GGSES Technical Campus is Bokaro’s leading institution to open up Technical and Management education for all in equal terms. This college was open up in 2011 to admit boys and girls to gain technical and management knowledge. GGSESTC is one of the top engineering college of Jharkhand. This college provides environment that encourages the students to become ambitious and idealistic. We share our resources and engage local community to enrich Bokaro’s social, cultural and academics life.
Technical and Management education plays an important role to produce skilled manpower which help in development of the state, nation and world. To flourish economically a nation should have rich engineering and management domain.
GGSESTC was started to play an important and leading role in Bokaro locality in providing technical and management education for modern age students. I feel pleased in helping economically weaker and mentally capable student.
Welcome to our Technical Campus.

Shri Balbir Singh
(Vice-President, GGSES)

I welcome you all on behalf of Guru Gobind Singh Educational Society’s Technical Campus. GGSESTC is imparting education in Engineering and Management programmes to produce competent professionals of concerned field .GGSESTC have wide range of workshops and laboratories supplemented by state of act library with reprographic facility. Institute’s infrastructures are tuned with academic delivery system .Our faculty member are well qualified and they regularly organize seminars, workshops, conferences in several fields of Technology, Management, Humanities, Science etc.
Our faculty member are sincere and dedicated towards development of the students in terms of skill and knowledge to make then globally competent.

Shri Harbhajan Singh
(Secretary, GGSES)

GGSES Technical Campus was established in 2011 by Guru Gobind Singh Educational Society. This Society was formed in 1979 and has established many schools and colleges to facilitate the students with quality education.
This institute was founded on the principle that by pursuing quality teaching and training in the field of technology and management to make the world a better place.
GGSES Technical Campus is situated in Bokaro which is known throughout the world for steel production. Industries in and around Bokaro helps our Students in industry-student interaction and practical training.
Courses taught in our institute are designed by affiliating State University, to provide the skills required to pursue rewarding career in the field of Technology and Management. This Institute is committed to meet the requirements of students in terms of teaching, training, placement and research activities.
GGSESTC has developed a very good infrastructure which is suitable for academia and personality development. GGSESTC has evolved systems to provide an environment for quality education and facilitate the students with services like Computer centre, well equipped Library, Laboratories with modern equipment, Seminar halls and Auditorium for academic cultural activities.

Dr. Ashok Roy
(Principal, GGSESTC)